Roll Art workshop Saturday night following the last event of the evening, hosted by Nellie Anderson. Venue will be announced later this week. View updates on

FIRS is really plunging the Artistic discipline into a new era full of ideas and innovations that will involve, first of all, the judging system: ROLLART is born!

ROLLART: the new born artistic judging system
The project that is going on since a few years directly involved the National Federations: Many seminars have been given, lots of them still to be carried out and on which we are already working for their organization over the next few months. The results of these meetings are clears to all those that have been attending.

Sharing the new philosophy of scoring, the definition of new concepts of evaluation, has led to discussions, projects and ideas that involve firsthand both coaches and judges, those who should and must be the principle actors of this radical change in favor of well-being and justice for skaters.

It is clear that beyond the methodology used for the new scoring, Rollart introduces and opens the door to a new way of thinking in figure skating; it opens the door to a new way of setting the basics for the technique, to a new way on how to build programs and perform technical elements and this will happen for all the disciplines: free skating, dance, pairs and precision.