The SRSTA is soliciting nominations for the Coach of the Year plaque again this year. The information is on the website and nominations must be submitted by March 1 st. Last year we had nominations from all but two regions and California was fortunate to have the award presented to Doug & Diane Adams for their help with restructuring the achievement test program and their continuing dedication to the “sport” of roller skating particularly in a small market. The nominee must be a member of the SRSTA organization to receive this award, but it can be artistic, speed, hockey or Learn to Skate certified teacher!

I would love to see this go out to a deserving member again, if we do not have nominations this award is not presented or it is done by whom the opeators know.

Thank you for your help in this matter, the deadline is absolute, but the nomination is easily done with a paragraph about how your nominee supports the operator in their efforts to promote skating.

Have a good day,
Pat Jacques
SRSTA Chairwoman
SRSTC President