The National Museum of Roller Skating is asking for your support this year in two ways.
1.  Please support the Museum through a personal donation.  Donors of at least $35 will receive a one year membership in the Museum.
2.  We also are asking for your help in getting this fundraising information out to at least 15 others who may be willing to donate.  You can copy and paste the link above to take them straight to the donation page.
Or you can copy and paste the message and photo below to send by personal email to your friends:
The Give to Lincoln Fundraising campaign benefits the National Museum of Roller Skating.  Donations can now be made (continuing  through May 28).
Thank you for your help with maintaining this important historic resource.

Kim Wall – President, Nellie Anderson Lillie – Vice President, Alan Bacon – Treasurer, Peggy Young – Corporate Secretary, Annelle Anderson, Dan Brown,  Dominic Cangelosi, Charlene Conway, Howard “Bud” Engle, Bill Hoefler, Ed Hughes, Michael Jacques, Judith Young Link, Jim Link,  Linda Miner, Randy Ray, Tina Robertson, Andy Starr, Eric Steele, Cort Wahlig