Effective 2016, USARS will be initiating an “APPRENTICE” WORLD TEAM COACH or MANAGER program.  This is a Non-compensated staff position.  Selected applicant will be responsible for all of their own expenses during the World Meet.  Depending on sponsorship, they may receive World Team apparel.

During the World Competition they will be expected to shadow and learn their respective position.  At the completion of the World meet the compensated Team Staff members will complete an evaluation of the apprentice’s performance to the Sport Committee and National Office Sport Director.  These evaluations will be designed to create an educational component for the trainee and will help sport committees determine the apprentice’s future possibilities of becoming a World Team Staff Member.

Applicants should download a World Team Staff application from the USA ROLLER SPORTS website and add to the top of the page, the position of “ARTISTIC APPRENTICE” with either COACH or MANAGER at the top of the application.  Complete this application and forward to Peggy Young at USA ROLLER SPORTS,   [email protected].   All applicants will be evaluated by the Figure Sports Committee and one candidates will be selected for each position for each year.  Final decision will be made by the Executive Committee.

Good luck as we prepare for the future.