Heidi Permatteo is 2015 SRSTA TEACHER OF THE YEAR

Heidi has been an SRSTA Member since 1993. A dedicated supporter for 22 years. During these years she has coached hundreds of beginner skaters and has supported and participated in the RSA Achievement Program having beginners from their number one test right through to their Gold Medal level.

A dedicated skating professional for her rink operator Leland Theise in promoting the skating classes for his business. Over the years she has also excelled as a USARS Coach and has several National Champions and World Competitors to her credit.

Heidi has also served as USARS Regional Vice Chairman in addition to being the Regional USARS coaches representative on the National level. She has also given seminars at our Sectional RSA meetings to exposure rink operators to the benefits of having a skating coach/instructor in their facilities.

She is also a huge contributor to our Annual Awards Banquet held here in the Northeast which is supported by the NE/USARS as well as the RSA Section 10.

A go to gal – never says no and is always there to lend a helping hand no matter what she is asked to do!

So it is without doubt that Heidi Permatteo is deserving of this award and does the Northeast Region proud.